Best Fibre Metal Welding Helmet in Canada

In the world of auto-darkening welding helmet lovers, some people yet love the traditional hood type welding helmet. Usually, the fibre-metal welding helmets are made by thermoplastic nyrol material to work effectively against damages caused. The users from Canada that are searching for the fibre-metal welding helmets can stop in this page to find their best one.

Welders that like a traditional helmet and cannot shift to auto-darkening welding helmet can happily love the working of the fibre-metal welding helmets. The durability of the fibre-metal welding helmets is for quite long years

We have picked up three top loved fibre-metal welding helmets in Canada for your easy shopping. Fibre-metal as the name suggests the welding helmet made by the composition will no matter disappoint us regarding toughness.

Serial NoProduct NameRespiratorsWhere to Buy?
1Fibre-Metal by Honeywell 110WH 10 Piece Helmet with Ratchet HeadgearCan accommodateCheck on Amazon
2Fibre-Metal Hard Hat 906 North 906GY Tigerhood Classic Welding HelmetCan accommodateCheck on Amazon
3#3 Fibre-Metal 280-990GY Tigerhood Classic Welding HelmetsCan accommodateCheck on Amazon

#1 Fibre-Metal by Honeywell 110WH 10 Piece Helmet with Ratchet Headgear

Fibre-Metal by Honeywell 110WH 10 Piece Helmet with Ratchet Headgear
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This Honeywell made fibre-metal welding helmet is one of the strongest welding helmets suitable for welders that work for long hours. The ratchet headgear is durable and comfortably made for the users.

The advantage of this welding helmet is also the headgear, which is far better than the rubber headband, which sometimes can cause discomfort to the users. You can switch the lenses effortlessly to have the required view.

This weightless and tough welding helmet will be your best friend in all your welding jobs. The long hood helps you also in protecting the throat as well. The forehead padding makes the user feel comfortable to wear the welding helmet.

The lens protects the welder’s eyes from UV and IR, and the flip opening helps the user to have a clear view of the point and positions. The sealed lid also prevents light leakage.

The white colored masculine looking fibre-metal Honeywell welding helmet is the best option under many criteria to satisfy the welders while in case of working as well as safety.


  • Weightless
  • Easy to switch the lenses
  • Ratchet headgear
  • Affordable price


  • Some might find the length of the hood a bit long

#2 Fibre-Metal Hard Hat 906 North 906GY Tigerhood Classic Welding Helmet

Fibre-Metal Hard Hat 906 North 906GY Tigerhood Classic Welding Helmet
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This TIGERWOOD CLASSIC fibre-metal welding helmet is made of thermoplastic nyrol material, which is tough and durable. It can protect the user from sparks and lights effortlessly.

The extended hood protects not only the face and eyes but also protects the throat against shatters. This fibre-metal welding helmet lets the welder be more productive without being bothered about safety and access.

The flip-up opening helps the user to switch between the shades easily. The lens provides a clear vision to see the work and adjust the position of the working. The hatchet headgear is strong and easy to adjust to wearing it comfortably.

The spacious interior provides enough breathing space and lets a lot of air circulation. This tough and seamless featured fibre-metal welding helmet is suitable for folks that love traditional welding helmets that do not fail.


  • Tough
  • Lightweight
  • Protects from sparks and lights
  • Easy switching of lenses
  • Comfortable headgear
  • Roomy enough
  • Great for the price
  • Extended hood


  • Welders that love rubber headgear may not be happy with the ratchet headgear

#3 Fibre-Metal 280-990GY Tigerhood Classic Welding Helmets

#3 Fibre-Metal 280-990GY Tigerhood Classic Welding Helmets
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The field viewing size of this TIGERWOOD CLASSIC fibre-metal welding helmet is bigger than the above two welding helmets. The size of the viewing lens is 4 ½ X5 ¼ inches.

The thermoplastic material hood is a wonderful shield to protect against the fumes and lights. The extended hood also protects the throat and beard of the welder.

The ratchet headband is strong and adjustable according to the user’s convenience. The welding helmet is lightweight and does the job without fail. The roomy interior makes the user trouble-free while breathing and allows the air to circulate easily.

This fibre-metal welding helmet can be used for any applications like arc, TIG, MAC, etc. The large viewing field helps the welder to find out the point and the position effortlessly.


  • Big viewing size
  • Durable welding helmet
  • Makes the welder more productive
  • Protects also the throat


  • Some user may not like the large viewing size


Are these are auto-darkening welding helmets?

No, they are not auto-darkening welding helmets.

Do they fog up?

There are chances for fogging up.

Can we use respirators if necessary?

Yes, all these fibre-metal welding helmets have space for respirators.

Do they come with respirators?

No, they don’t. The user needs to purchase separately.


The hood that is long and spacious from inside is a great advantage for the welders to avoid any mishaps. The filter lens and the lid are sealed in such a manner that the unwanted smoke or lights do not seep in.

Some welders may feel adjustable rubber headgear easier and comfortable than the ratchet ones when it comes to fit and to the position of the headgear.

With many other great advantages, traditional welding helmet enthusiasts will go for fibre-metal welding helmet for all the aspect of reliability and working.