Best Tig Welding Helmet UK

Welding is a critical process of work in the field that requires accuracy. Many simple welding helmets support TIG welding application. But it is quite difficult to find the one that is best suited according to your requirements.

Most of the extensive TIG application is complemented by the auto-darkening welding helmet. Also, there are many traditional welding helmets available in the market that can do the job.

The shade ranges and the quality of the filter falls in the major category of features of a welding helmet. The gas produced from the TIG application may cause uneasiness to the welder along with the harsh lights. It can be avoided by traditional welding helmets as well, but the complete protection of the welders’ eyes and face can be an advantage to effective productivity. In this page, we have listed the top three best TIG welding helmets in the UK online market.

Serial NoProduct NameScreen SizeSensorsSafety StandardsApplicationsBatteryTypeShade RangesWhere to Buy?
1Leopard Battery & Solar Powered Auto Darkening Grinding Welding Helmet99X44mm2 Arc sensorsDIN EN 379, DIN EN 175 safety standards, ANSI Z87.1-2010 safety standardsTIG, MIG, MAG, MMA, SAW, PAW, PAC, RSWLithium batteryAuto-darkeningDIN-13Check on Amazon
2Tacklife PAH04D Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet98X43mm4 sensorsANSI / ISEA Z87.1-2015, CSA Z94.3-07 and AS/NZS 1337.1:2010TIG, MIG/MAG, and ARC weldingReplaceable CR2450Auto-darkeningDIN-16Check on Amazon
3Spargo Auto-Darkening Welding Cutting Helmet92X42mm2 sensorsEN safety regulations and ANSIZ87 1-2003 standardsGas, MIG, TIG and Arc weldingSolar cell onlyAuto-darkeningDIN-15Check on Amazon

#1 Leopard Battery & Solar Powered Auto Darkening Grinding Welding Helmet

Leopard Battery & Solar Powered Auto Darkening Grinding Welding Helmet
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This large viewing area of size 99 X 44mm welding mask is comfortable to use with the simple operations. This auto-darkening welding helmet has a lithium battery and solar cell for power. The low battery indicator glows up when the battery is low. There is also sensitivity and delay button for easy adjustment.

The welder can use hands-free throughout his project only with a simple adjustment in the beginning. The switching time is very quick, which happens in less than 0.5ms.

It is easy to switch between welding and grinding function by simply pressing the button. The adjustable ratchet headband also has a removable and washable sweatband which absorbs the sweat and makes the welder feel easy while working.

This auto-darkening welding helmet is suitable for TIG, MIG, MAG, MMA, SAW, PAW, PAC, RSW, and grinding applications. The variable shade range DIN-13 is perfect for TIG and helps the user free from eye strain and flash burn. This auto-darkening welding helmet had passed three safety standard tests.  


  • Wide viewing area
  • Easy working
  • Washable sweatband
  • Low battery indicator
  • 2 Arc sensors
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with 5 spare lenses


  • Do not support laser cutting

#2 Tacklife PAH04D Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Tacklife PAH04D Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
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This auto-darkening welding helmet has responsive sensors which make the transition in 1/25000 sec. The 4 independent shade filter sensors provide safe working all through your welding, cutting, or grinding applications.

This welding helmet is perfect for TIG, MIG/MAG, and ARC welding. The ideal switching of sensitivity and delay functions make it easier to work under any conditions.

The 98 X 43 mm sized viewing area is stress-free for the welders to have a wide vision and clarity of the work. The variable shade ranges 4/4-8/9-13 help the critical operations to be simpler.  

The countered edges of the welding helmet shatter the particles and lights from damaging the face and the eyes. This auto-darkening welding helmet complies on the majority important safety standards.

The comfortable headband stays with the required fit on the user’s head, which involves no adjustment while working. This product comes along with a helmet carrying bag and 6 spare lenses.


  • Weightless
  • Comfortable even for the beginners
  • Covers up many important safety standards
  • Easy and quick switching
  • 4 independent sensors


  • Not perfect for plasma cutting and laser cutting

#3 Spargo Auto-Darkening Welding Cutting Helmet

Spargo Auto-Darkening Welding Cutting Helmet
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This fully automatic welding helmet is elegant and protective during welding, cutting, and grinding process. It is well suited for Gas, MIG, TIG and Arc welding and cannot be used for laser cutting.

The moderate large viewing size of 92 X 42 mm screen is well-designed for the welders to have accuracy while welding and can also provide a wide vision of the Arc and the point.

There is a grinding function button which helps us to change the setting from weld to grind. The auto-darkening response time is 1/25000 sec. The adjustable shade ranges from DIN 9- DIN 13 to protect the eyes from UV and IR radiations.

This auto-darkening welding helmet comes with 2 spare lenses. The adjustable headband stays comfortably to work hands-free without straining the neck. It complies with EN safety regulations and ANSIZ87 1-2003 standards.


  • Simple to use
  • No batteries required
  • Comes with 2 spare lenses
  • Protects your face and eyes


  • Do not support laser cutting


Do the above welding helmets have a grind button?

Yes, they have Grind button to switch to grinding function.

Do they come with spare lenses?

Yes, all the above auto-darkening welding helmets come with spare lenses.

Are the batteries replaceable?

Yes, the lithium and the CR2450 batteries are replaceable.

Can we de-attach the headband?

No, you cannot detach the headband but can remove the sweatband and use it after wash.


As any other welding helmets, TIG welding helmets should also have the proper shade ranges and clear optical readings of the lenses to protect the eyes. The gas produced from TIG welding is harmful, which can be avoided by using the most protective welding helmet.

Auto-darkening welding helmet does a good job to protect the welder’s eyes as well as the face. The automatic features in the welding helmet will aid the user to work stress-free from any distractions caused by gas or strong lights. Hope, this page meets your final search for TIG welding helmet in UK!