Best Welding Helmet in Canada

In the present market of welding helmets, there are plentiful smart ones to choose. Welders are great workers who need to be cautious to get a wonderful outcome of their work. Folks that work for long hours need to look in for safe welding helmet. Welding helmets are designed in such a way that they can work even in low temperatures.

Auto-darkening welding helmets have taken center stage in the welding helmets’ display showrooms. The features of traditional welding helmet and the auto-darkening welding helmets are different from each other.

Welding helmets come in different sizes, shapes, patterns, and area of applications. Once, you analyze the need and conditions of your job; you can be set for the hunt of a significant accessory.  

As per the common requirement of welders, we have chosen the top opted three welding helmets in Canada.

Product NameShadesSensorsLens SizeApplicationsWhere to Buy?
Antra AH7-220-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Extra Lens CoversPermanent shade #4 and working shade between #9-#132 sensors present3.62" X 1.63"TIG, MIG, MMA and Plasma applicationsCheck on Amazon
Antra AH7-860-0000 Solar Power Jumbo Viewing Size Auto Darkening Welding Helmet5-9/9-134 sensors present3.86" x 3.50"TIG, MIG, MMA and Plasma applicationsCheck on Amazon
Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet5- 13 ranges3.93 x 2.36 inTIG, MIG, MMA and Plasma applicationsCheck on Amazon

#1 Antra AH7-220-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Extra Lens Covers

Antra AH7-220-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Extra Lens Covers
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This durable auto-darkening helmet is made of polyamide nylon material and comes with two lens covers. There are knobs to adjust the sensitivity and delay, which is more accessible and easy for beginners.

The still shade of the lens is #4, and dark state ranges lie between #9 – #13. There are reliable solar cell batteries and replaceable batteries. This Antra auto-darkening welding helmet covers the safety standards, ANSI Z87.1 / EN379 CE / CSA Z94.3, which is the major aspect.

The adjustable and ergonomically designed headgear is effortless to assemble.  There is a sweatband to the headgear, which makes you wear the welding helmet for long working hours.

This lightweight welding helmet is suitable to work with TIG, MIG, MMA, and plasma applications. The viewing size of the lens is 3.62” X 1.63”. The lenses protect the user from UV and infrared radiations and keep the user’s eyes safe throughout the job.


  • Comes with two sensors
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Responsive lenses
  • Adjustable headgear
  • Good for welding and also grinding


  • Assembling of headgear is required before use

#2 Antra AH7-860-0000 Solar Power Jumbo Viewing Size Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Antra AH7-860-0000 Solar Power Jumbo Viewing Size Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
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This model of Antra auto-darkening welding helmet has jumbo viewing size, which is a significant advantage to do critical cutting tasks like plasma cutting and other tedious jobs.

The magnifying lens compatible feature makes the welding helmet an advantageous one. The 5-9 and the 9-13 shade ranges help the welder do varied welding and grinding works.

As it is an important feature to have sensitivity and delay functions, this auto-darkening welding helmet also has sensitivity and delay knobs to work for the requirement.

This auto-darkening welding helmet can be used for TIG, MIG, and plasma applications. The welding helmet has four sensors, which are very responsive for all transitions.

Grinding, cutting, and welding functions can be done wearing this welding helmet, which leads the user to be more productive. This welding helmet is also made of high impact polyamide nylon.

The huge viewing size 3.86” X 3.50” is good for the welder to have control on the point and requires fewer moves of the head while performing cutting and welding job.


  • Lightweight
  • Huge viewing area
  • Protects the eyes and face
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Quick switching
  • Has four sensors
  • Spare lens covers


  • Has to assemble the headgear

#3 Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
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This shell design auto-darkening welding helmet is made of high impact resistant nylon material, which is durable and lightweight. The viewing size of the lens is 3.93 X 2.36inches that is quite a decent viewing size.

The user can have a wide field view, which will make the job easier. The halo and ergonomically designed headgear are simple to adjust according to the need. The head clearance space is much comfortable for the welders that work for long hours.

This auto-darkening welding helmet has a color touch-screen control panel with eight separate memory settings. There is an externally stimulated shade four grind function button which is used for easy switching from weld to grind function.

The active shade ranges from 5 to 13, which is quick and responsive during transitions. This auto-darkening welding helmet is reliable for arc, TIG, MIG, etc. The simple look of the helmet will surprise you by the performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive
  • External grind button
  • Decent viewing size
  • More head space
  • Reliable for many applications


  • Fogging possible
  • Pricey


Do these auto-darkening helmets have side viewing windows?

No, these helmets are not panoramic welding helmets.

Do they come with lens cover?

Yes, they do come with lens covers.

Is all the above welding helmets are 100% safety standards complied?

The above welding helmets comply with different safety standards. It is good to check before purchasing one.


There will be many perceptions and expectations before and after buying a welding helmet. It is the individuals’ choice to decide on a suitable product. The headgear, lens, and the space in the interior of the welding helmet are also important to go for the final discovery.

If you get flash frequently while working with the welding helmet on, then you have to decide on the possession of the existing welding helmet. Before, using any welding helmet, the user should go through the manual thoroughly to understand the working and safety.