Best Welding Helmet in India

A welding helmet is an important accessory in a welder’s life. It protects the eye and helps to prevent vision loss due to the ultraviolet rays and infrared radiations. The concentrated light that is produced during welding or grinding is dangerous to the retina. So, buying the best welding helmet is a significant thing.

In India, there are many welding helmet brands available, which supply both auto-darkening and also traditional welding masks. If you are an occasional welder, then you can go for the old fashioned ones.

If you are a professional welder, then you should go for an auto-darkening welding helmet which will need no frequent adjustment. There are plenty of good welding helmets available, where it is hard to find the best ones. We have made your job easier by picking up top rated welding helmets in India.

Our RankProduct NameBest ApplicationsDelay and Sensitivity buttonAppearanceHoodWhere to Buy?
1HITSAN INCORPORATION Cool Robot Solar Auto Darkening Welding HelmetMIG, TIG, ARCPresentBlack with skull patternYesView this Product
2eFUture Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding HelmetMIG, TIG, ARCNoBlack with skull patternNoView this Product
36 se7en Solar Powered Auto Darkening Professional Hood Welding HelmetMIG, TIG, MAG and SMAWPresentBlueYesView this Product
4BELLSTONE Welding HelmetNoBlackNoView this Product

#1 HITSAN INCORPORATION Cool Robot Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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This helmet is made of polypropylene material which makes the helmet sturdy and durable. The solar auto darkening feature helps the user work freely without missing the working point.

The masculine black helmet has skull print and also designed in such a manner that it is comfortable for the user to wear without feeling heavy on the head. There are two buttons to adjust the sensitivity and delay, which is more accessible and simple to use.

The adjustable screw in the fixed headband helps in proper resting of the helmet in the head. This welding helmet protects your eyes and face from the harmful effects of the shatters and lights.

This cool robot solar auto-darkening welding helmet wonderfully suits for TIG, ARC, and MIG applications. Also, you can use this helmet when you are involved in grinding work.


  • Efficient in most of the conditions
  • Simple to use
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Worth the price


  • Slightly pricy than the traditional welding helmets

#2 eFUture Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Solar power auto-darkening welding helmet works effortlessly in the absence of electric power. The eFUture auto-darkening welding helmet has all the features to work perfectly during MIG, TIG, and ARC applications.

The durable body of the helmet is made of polypropylene material that is reliable for long years. This welding helmet is easy to carry and wear with an easily adjustable headband.

The forehead sponge makes you feel comfortable throughout your work. The shatter-resistant mask avoids injury and bad effects on the face and eyes. The wide viewing area will be helpful when you deal with huge work.

The mask protects your eyes from harmful UV and Infrared radiations. Also, while wearing the helmet, you will not feel glared to focus on the point. Using the adjusting gears, you can seamlessly adjust the distance between the headband and face, and also you can adjust the mask according to your convenience.

This welding helmet is simple, effective, and pocket-friendly that can be used widely for welding and grinding.


  • Simple
  • Less weight and efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Protects your eyes and face
  • Wide viewing area
  • Adjustable mask and headband


  • Should handle the adjustable mask with care
  • No delay and sensitivity button

#3 6 se7en Solar Powered Auto Darkening Professional Hood Welding Helmet

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This helmet protects the eyes from harmful UV and infrared radiations effectively. It has an attractive and strong look. The helmet has all safety standards. It is excellent for TIG, MIG, MAG, and SMAW.

This welding helmet offers an excellent field vision. The delay and sensitivity button helps in the effortless adjustment of the shades. Also, this helmet has good space for breathing, which is very important for the user to be more productive.

The polypropylene body of the helmet is durable and also lightweight to carry and wear. This helmet can be used in a wide range of working fields and can offer a wonderful outcome.

The headband can be adjusted according to your comfort, and the accessibility is simple even for the beginners. The helmet also comes in different color variants to meet the need of different users.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easily adjustable knobs
  • Protects the eyes from UV and infrared
  • Offers hands-free working


  • Knobs may be hard at the beginning of the usage

#4 BELLSTONE Welding Helmet

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This helmet is made of polycarbonate, and it comes without the shield glass. It is a lightweight helmet which is more comfortable for beginners. The user should purchase the glass separately before using. The mask is quite big to protect the face.


  • Lightweight
  • Long mask


  • Glass not provided


Does every above welding helmet have headband?

Yes, the above welding helmets have a headband.

Is all the above welding helmets are auto-darkening?

No, not all the above welding helmets are auto-darkening.

Do the welding helmets have a filter panel?

Not all the above-listed welding helmets have a filter panel.


Before choosing the welding helmet, you should see whether the lens and the digital displays are standard and safe. According to the need of applications, you can choose your required welding helmet by going through the product’s description page.

There are also helmets available without the glass shield, where you have to buy the suitable glass. It is every individual’s preference of whether to pick a traditional or auto-darkening welding helmet. Hope, this page help you in finding the suitable welding helmet for your job!