Best Welding Helmet in UK

Welding helmets are one of the important gears for welders. There are many models of welding helmet available in the market. They vary in appearance, technology, and features. Individual preferences depend on the comfort and need of the work.

Auto-darkening welding helmets are mostly liked by the welders that like the hand-free working from the helmet since the shade of the lens changes automatically once the arc is lighted. Traditional helmet yet attracts welders for its easy and flexible usage.

For any welding, grinding and cutting job the welders has to suffer if he uses just a normal shield to protect his eyes and face. It is necessary for every welder to possess a superior quality welding helmet either a traditional mask made by good quality materials and lenses or an auto-darkening welding helmet. In this page, we will see the top four best welding helmets in the UK.

Serial NoProduct NameShade rangeBatterySensorsDelay and Sensitivity adjustmentViewing SizeApplicationsTypeWhere to Buy?
1Expert Weld XWH14 9-13 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet#9-#13Replaceable Lithium battery2 SensorsPresent52 X 100 mmMIG/MAG, MMA, TIG welding, grinding and plasma cuttingAuto-DarkeningCheck on Amazon
2Tacklife PAH04D Welding Helmet with 4 Independent Shade Filter Sensors4/ 4-8/ 9-13Replaceable battery present4 sensorsPresent98 X 43 mmARC, MIG/MAG or TIG welding and grindingAuto-DarkeningCheck on Amazon
3Silverline 868520 Welders Helmet AdjustableMIG, TIG and other welding applicationsTraditional Welding helmet with additional lensesCheck on Amazon
4Spargo Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet9-- 13Sensitivity low to high adjustment available92 X 42 mmMIG, TIG, ARC welding and grindingAuto-DarkeningCheck on Amazon

#1 Expert Weld XWH14 9-13 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Expert Weld XWH14 9-13 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
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This auto-darkening welding helmet is durable and easy to understand the features and use them accordingly. The light state of the welding helmet lies in 4, and the dark state can be adjusted from 4 – 13.

The grinding mode allows you to switch from welding mode easily and makes your job much easier. The adjustable sensitivity knob helps to change the range and paves you to work stress-free throughout the job.

The dark to light delay function makes the user start and do the work swiftly without any lag after when there is a case of transition. Also, there is a solar-powered replaceable lithium battery in the welding helmet.

The low battery indicator helps the user to identify the energy shortage. The ratchet headband is comfortable for the welder to work for long hours. This welding helmet protects the eyes from strong lights.

It is suitable for MIG/MAG, MMA, TIG welding and also complicated plasma cutting. The attractive blue blame pattern is attractive, and the welding helmet is made from quality materials.


  • Strong built
  • Can be used for various welding, cutting and grinding works
  • Easy light and dark transitions
  • Replaceable lithium battery
  • Adjustable ratchet headband
  • Easy switching between welding and grinding
  • Has 2 sensors


  • Ratchet headband may not be liked by the folks that have used rubber ones

#2 Tack life PAH04D Welding Helmet with 4 Independent Shade Filter Sensors

Tacklife PAH04D Welding Helmet with 4 Independent Shade Filter Sensors
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This auto-darkening welding helmet is ideal for ARC, TIG, MIG/MAG and also plasma cutting and other welding and grinding functions. The jumbo viewing area of the welding helmet is 98 X 48 mm, which gives a wide view for great working.

This welding helmet comes with 4 independent shade sensors that protect the eyes from UV and IR.  Also has the sensitivity and delay switching for effortless welding or grinding.

The fast-changing feature from light to dark is one of the significant advantages when working with critical jobs. This welding helmet is certified under the safety standard, which makes one go for it.

The comfortable non-slip headband has a soft inner lining to absorb the sweat. Also, the user can wear for long hours without difficulty. This welding helmet comes with a bag and 6 lenses.

The appearance of this welding helmet is masculine and sturdy. The contoured edges of the helmet protect the welder from shatters and provide comfortable using.


  • Jumbo viewing field area
  • Has 4 independent sensors
  • Fast transition
  • Non-slip and comfortable headband
  • Extended protection for the chin


  • Difficult to find the exact size front replacements

#3 Silverline 868520 Adjustable Welding Helmet

Silverline 868520 Welders Helmet Adjustable
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This welding helmet from SILVERMINE is suitable for welders that like traditional welding helmets with a simple look and superior quality. The wraparound mask protects the face as well as neck.

The flip-up lens offers a clear vision to focus on the point and avoids distraction. Face shield, green, infrared lens, and spatter shield are certified under safety standards, and it is one of the reliable welding helmets.

The adjustable ratchet headgear makes the wear comfortable and easy even for long use. There are also additional lenses that come along with this welding helmet.

Users that do not want to switch to auto-darkening welding helmet can opt for this welding helmet because of its durability and comfortable, quick adjustments. This inexpensive welding shield will be great for beginners who want a lightweight one.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comes with additional lenses
  • Easy flip up lens
  • Protects the vision, face and also throat
  • Less cost


  • Welders that like auto-darkening welding helmet may not find it superior

#4 Spargo Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Spargo Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
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This SPARGO auto-darkening welding helmet comes with 2 years warranty and also comes with an additional set of lenses. The viewing area of the welding helmet is 92 X 42 mm, which is the decent large area to view the work.

You can perform MIG, TIG, ARC welding, and also grinding applications. The adjustable shades 9 -13 range helps in protecting the user’s eyes from IR and UV. The ratchet headband can be worn for a long time with easy adjustments.

There is also sensitivity control from low to high requirements. The welding helmet has quick switching of shades and is fully automatic. The appearance of the welding helmet is red with white and grey flame.

This durable and sporty looking welding helmet serves its purpose and also comes with 2 lenses. You can work hands-free from the welding helmet throughout your job, unlike traditional welding helmet.


  • Easy to use
  • Good viewing area
  • Quality lenses
  • Protects from harsh lights


  • Traditional welding helmet lovers may find it less interesting


Is all the above welding helmets auto-darkening?

No, not all the mentioned welding helmets are auto-darkening.

Do they have front replacements available?

No, if you want a front replacement, then the user has to purchase separately according to the size.

Does every above welding helmet come with additional lenses?

Not, the entire listed product comes with the additional lenses. Check the product description before the purchase.


To avoid the flash burn, welders have to choose their helmets considering the clarity and quality of the filters. Some welding helmets come with replaceable lenses, which is an advantage.

The warranty of the welding helmet has to be checked along with the filter quality and the safety standards that the welding helmet complies. In auto-darkening welding helmet, the light to dark transition, sensitivity, and delay functions are an important factor to choose the best one.

Hope this page helps the welders in the UK to find the best suitable welding helmet for their entire welding applications to serve as the best partner throughout the job.