Best Welding Helmet under $150

A good quality welding helmet is a must for welders of any capacity. Whether you are welding as a hobby or you are a professional welder, a good quality helmet will save your eyes from the flash of the arc and allow you to weld with much more ease. If you are looking for a welding helmet under $150, there are many models that are available in the market.

The under $150 price range does not mean that the helmets will have fewer features than high-end helmets, you can get impressive features in helmets at this price range as well. There are several helmet models that come with auto-darkening lenses and additional safety features to ensure the welder’s eyes are protected at all times. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best welding helmets under $150. We will also take a look at their features, pros and cons of using these helmets and the frequently asked questions about welding helmets.

Comparison of Best Welding Helmet under $150

Product NameWeightViewing AreaEditor's RatingWhere to Buy?
Jackson Safety 46131 2 pounds3.93" x 2.36"4.4Check on Amazon
Save Phace 3011230 2 pounds23 sq inch4.7Check on Amazon
Hobart 770756 2.3 pounds7.05 sq inch4.5Check on Amazon
Lincoln Electric K4134-1 0.16 ounces3.82" x 1.73"4.5Check on Amazon
DEKOPRO Welding Helmet 1.84 pounds3.85’’ x 3.15’’3.3Check on Amazon

Features to Expect in Helmets Under $150

Let’s take a look at some of the features you can expect in helmets that cost under $150

  1. Auto-Darkening – Auto-darkening feature means the helmet will darken quickly on the detection of the arc. This also allows the welder to work with ease as they are assured that the helmet will darken and they do not need to move the helmet up from their face to observe the welding job.
  2. Multiple Sensors – Modern welding helmets come with multiple sensors for quick detection of the arc so that the helmet can darken quickly. With multiple sensors, the helmet is quick to darken even in the most difficult working conditions. More sensors add to the safety of the welder.
  3. Lightweight – Most welders work long hours and if the helmet on their head is heavy, they can get tired quickly and a heavy helmet also makes movement difficult when they are welding in a tight spot. Modern helmets are lightweight and strong so that these are able to provide protection and freedom of movement during welding.
  4. Large Viewing Area – The viewing lens is an important part of the helmet as it allows the welder to keep an eye on the overall area that he is welding. A larger viewing area means the welder can easily check the progress of the weld without taking off the helmet.
  5. Ideal for Multiple Use Cases – Modern helmets are perfect for use in TIG, MIG, MMA, or plasma welding. These helmets adjust the shade to suit the need of the welding case, and you can also switch to grinding mode if needed.

Reviews of Best Welding Helmet Under $150

1) Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, HaloX, Black

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The Jackson Safety 46131 Auto Darkening Helmet is easy to use, and it brings a range of features that make it one of the best helmets on this list. The controls are simple to understand, and there are four sensors installed in this helmet that allow it to auto-darken when needed. The helmet also comes with sensitivity and delay controls to make it easier to work with different kinds of welding projects. The large viewing window gives the welder an open look at the area he is welding, and the welder can also switch the helmet into grinding mode depending on the work requirements. The helmet is also CSA compliant and it meets all required safety standards.


  1. Easy to use digital controls
  2. Four sensors
  3. Ideal for professional welders as well as hobbyists
  4. Long lasting batteries
  5. Easy shade selection


  1. Not enough space for a respirator
  2. The material of the helmet feels flimsy
  3. Short lower end might let sparks in
  4. The shell of the helmet can crack with rough handling

2) Save Phace 3011230 Murda Out Gen-Y Welding Helmet

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This welding helmet has a unique design that allows welders to view the welding area through a 23 square inch viewing window. The ADF is integrated into the lens giving a 180-degree ear to ear view. This lightweight helmet is easy to put on the head and you will not feel fatigued or awkward even after working all day. The halo headgear of this helmet gives you the ability to move the helmet away or closer to your face as required. In case any parts of the helmet malfunction, you can easily replace them with parts from other helmets. Even if you wear glasses, you can wear this helmet and use it as needed.


  1. Outside controls make it easy to change settings
  2. Easy to switch from grind to weld mode
  3. A high-quality hood that is tough and durable
  4. Ideal for all levels of welding
  5. Includes bag for storage


  1. The headgear does not stay in place
  2. Replacement lenses are not easily available

3) Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Helmet

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The Hobart Impact Series is an auto-darkening helmet that comes with a range of useful features. The helmet is made from high-quality material that is best for use in a welding shop. The viewing window offers an easy look at the welding area and the lens darkens quickly on detection of the arc. The welding helmet offers best eye-protection and you can further adjust the sensitivity and delay of the helmet depending on the welding task. The shell of the helmet is made from polyamide that is durable and lightweight. The headgear allows adjustment of the helmet on the head for easy work conditions The helmet also passes through the required safety certifications.


  1. Three arc sensors for quick arc detection
  2. Sensitivity and delay controls for ambient light
  3. Variable shade for all kinds of welding jobs
  4. The battery is easily replaceable
  5. Ratcheting headgear for additional comfort


  1. The darkness on the lens is not uniform
  2. The sensitivity settings can be difficult to get right
  3. The head-strap is difficult to put on
  4. The controls are located inside the helmet
  5. There is no manual on/off button

4) Lincoln Electric K4134-1 Lone Star Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Grind Mode

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This lightweight helmet comes with a unique and eye-catching design. You can wear this helmet while working on any kind of welding tasks and you will not feel any fatigue or stress on your neck or shoulders. The helmet comes with additional outside and inside cover lenses so that you can use these lenses for different kinds of welding tasks. The sensitivity and delay modes are easy to adjust and the controls for the same and located outside the helmet.


  1. Easy to switch from grinding to welding mode
  2. Variable shade knob offers ease of changing the shade
  3. Eye-catching design makes the helmet stand out of the crowd
  4. Works on solar power and batteries
  5. Thermoplastic material is durable and lightweight


  1. The design of the helmet tends to peel
  2. The helmet’s material feels flimsy
  3. The adjuster for locking the hood is not durable

5) Durable Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Professional Hood with LED Digital Display

Durable Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Professional Hood with LED Digital Display
Durable Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Professional Hood with LED Digital Display

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This auto darkening helmet from DEKOPRO offers unparalleled performance for all kinds of welding tasks. The ADF is quick to switch from light to dark on detection of the arc and the welder can also adjust the sensitivity and delay depending on the welding task. The LED display is digital and it allows minute adjustments to the delay and sensitivity as needed. The visor of the welding helmet allows a clear and wide view of the welding area so that the welder can inspect the weld without taking off the helmet. The lightweight helmet is perfect for long welding sessions as there is no fatigue or tiredness on wearing the helmet. If there is no light present, the helmet turns off in 30 seconds to save power.


  1. Quick auto-darkening filter
  2. Manual adjustment for sensitivity and delay
  3. Large viewing area suitable for different angles
  4. Easy to switch from welding to grinding mode
  5. Meets all the safety and technical standards


  1. The battery is difficult to replace
  2. The paint on the helmet is not high-quality
  3. The view through the lens looks wavy
  4. The headband is not comfortable
  5. The lens often comes with minor defects

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Helmets Under $150

Buyers often have questions about the helmets they are using. Here’s a look at some of the frequently asked questions about best helmets under $150.

Q1) I bought a new helmet, but the lens was not as per my liking. Where can I get a new lens for my model of welding helmet?

Ans. Your best choice is to contact the manufacturer of the helmet for a compatible lens. You can also visit your local hardware store and check if they have lenses that meet your requirements.

Q2) I can not find the location of the battery in my welding helmet as I need to replace it. Where are the batteries usually located?

Ans. The location of the battery is different for every manufacturer and you can check the manual or the website of the manufacturer of your welding helmet to get a better idea about the location of the battery.

Q3) I need to add a cheater lens to my welding helmet, but I can’t find a slot for the same. How can I do this without damaging my helmet?

Ans. Depending on your need, you can always use a small amount of glue or silicone sealant on the corners of the lens to stick it to the viewing window of your welding helmet. You can also get in touch with the manufacturer and check if they follow any accessories that allow cheater lenses to be added to the helmet.

Q4) I need to wear a gas mask while at the job. How can I look for a helmet that will allow me to use a gas mark?

Ans. Ideally, there should be enough space between the helmet’s material and your face for a gas mark. You can also check the manufacturer’s website and see if there are any additional adjustment features on your helmet that will allow you to widen the helmet.

Q5) My helmet doesn’t darken on its own anymore. What could be the reason?

Ans. One possible reason is that the batteries in the helmet are dead. Before using the helmet, make sure you replace the old batteries with the new ones.


If you are looking for quality welding helmets, there are many available in the under $150 range and you can get the latest features in these helmets as well. The helmets are designed to look good and feel good while working for long hours. Made from quality materials, these helmets will last for a long time with proper care and maintenance. The quick auto-darkening time for the helmets will give you the peace of mind needed to work confidently on all kinds of welding tasks.

We hope this article has given you an insight into the kind of helmet you want to buy. If you have concerns or questions, please feel free to discuss in the comment section.