Panoramic Welding Helmet – What they are?

For any welder, the viewing area is one of the important aspects to do the job accurately and neatly. Some users may suffer improper vision through the lens that may because of the less area coverage. In that way, panoramic welding helmets give the user a wonderful viewing field area.

The welders can carry the panoramic welding helmet anywhere and can work effortlessly in any circumstances. It is much helpful for welders that have a vision problem. Welding or grinding wearing a panoramic welding helmet will increase the production and stress taken to complete the work.

A panoramic welding helmet can be used while working in wide methods of applications; it is not restricted to one field. The panoramic welding helmet is usually available along with the added excellent feature called auto-darkening/ solar powered welding helmet in the market.

The combination of extended or 180-degree view along with the auto-darkening feature makes the welder work widely hand-free with exactness.

Things to Note Before Buying a Panoramic Welding Helmet:

  • Quality of the lens
  • Viewing area
  • Optical clarity
  • The time that is taken for the lens to auto-darken
  • Sensitivity and delay switches
  • Filter’s quality
  • Range of shades dimming
  • Safety and standard certification
  • Ergonomic design
  • Weight of the helmet
  • Inbuilt or replaceable batteries

While using the panoramic welding helmet, the user can almost avoid the usual anticipated errors. It will satisfy almost every single expectation of welding helmet. It contributes to a high level of performance in the job.

The wider viewing area aids total control in welding and grinding. The auto-darkening lens protects the eyes from concentrated radiations and rays like ultra-violet and infrared radiations.

The adjustable knob to set the sensitivity and delay ranges helps the user work much easier. By using a panoramic welding helmet, you can expect great output when dealing with MIG, TIG, MMA, etc.

The shattered particles will not harm your face or eyes while using panoramic welding helmet, especially when you want to work hand-free from the helmet. The user can avoid the distractions of adjusting the position of the mask and the viewing angle.

If you want a real-time view over the work and the point, you should opt for a panoramic auto-darkening welding helmet. Users that have neck problem can also wear the panoramic welding helmet and can reduce the movements of the head to view the side areas.

A panoramic welding helmet is absolutely an advantage to ignore vision obstacles during welding or grinding. Also, complicated cutting jobs like, plasma cutting is also made easy when the welder uses the panoramic welding helmet.


As panoramic welding helmet offers a lot of advantages, the same aspect of it may not be suitable for the user that work occasionally or if the working area is small and compact. Wearing a big welding helmet may not be liked by some welders. For folks that less prefer professional welding helmet may not get satisfied with the large viewing area and size.

Choosing the type of welding helmet always depends on the area of work and the preference of the user. Overall, a panoramic welding helmet is an advantage for the welders that expect greater clarity and wide view.


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